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7Mar - by Heralded - 0 - In Sensory

A new channel has been created for rest and relaxation. There are plenty of times when we all need time out to take our brains out of gear and ‘float’. Floating in this context is a word that we have seen deliberately undefined to be held in mind as we pass through situations that cause stress. Float with us through some of these channels.

The Heralds

The Heralds channel is new and experimental YouTube channel with new content being released. Subscribe to the channel for new releases.

The Honest Guys

This channel has some of the best-guidedd #meditation and guided #sleep meditation experiences on the web, with our expanding library of high quality guided imagery, #meditations and #relaxation content. We also specialize in guided #fantasy visualizations and relaxing meditation sleep music, all designed to work in harmony with your mind body and spirit to promote greater health.

The Guild of Ambience

Sound design – 3D art – Ambient music. This channel is absorbing to say the least with animations and white noise background sounds in various settings.

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