White Noise

9Feb - by Heralded - 0 - In Sensory

Online links to website that specialise in white noise creation.

White noise is the term that describes noise we absorb around us, for example: waves, wind in trees, the noise of a crowded area or the sound of sand beneath your feet. In fact there is a whole audible spectrum of frequency. There have been studies on the subject, but the general consensus is that background noise can have positive health benefits and great for suffers of tinnitus.

Here are a few of online noise generators, so of which are very inventive.

My Noise.net – A whole library of possibility here

Noises online – Icon sets for quick preload of noises or combinations

Noisili.com – Icon themed, aimed at study

Camyleon – Zen and wind noise, or both

Brainaural.com – Brain waves

Purrli.com – Cat pur

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